оборудование станок для чеканки монет
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Safety. Equipment for minting coins


We have three-year experience of organizing events and we detail all the instructions that reduce risks to minimum. These instructions are strictly followed, and during three years of our work there was not adverse events.

Below you see instructions, observance of which ensures the safety of participants and spectators. Treat them very seriously - it is very important.

  1. During the strike only Animator is in a radius of one meter from the striker.
  2. Hands of striker are at a distance of more than 20 centimeters from metal part of hammer
  3. Participants can take hammer only from hands of animator just before his stroke. Animator takes hammer from the participant immediately after hitting. It is not required extreme force to make the coin, because we use soft specially treated material - so hammer do not raised above shoulders of a man who holds hammer, and shoulders of people standing close.
  4. To participate in action is not allowed inebriated participants of the event. In this case, the coin for them can make animator or any other sober person.