оборудование станок для чеканки монет
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Equipment for manual minting coins

We can sell you an anvil, hammer and tree stump, but it's not our business (and therefore time consuming), but for you it's extra cost. Perhaps you prefer to buy it themselves.

наковальня монетный аттракцион

The anvil weighs about 30 kg.

We are sure that you will be able to find such an anvil in your own Region.

кувалда монетный аттракцион

We recommend hammer "MATRIX" 3 kg with a long plastic handle.

Our three-year experience showed that firstly, it is never dead (unlike others), secondly, the long handle makes not possible to striker raise the hammer over his head, which significantly reduces the risks.

We are sure that you will be able to find such hammer in your own Region.


Height of structure (a tree stump or stump + anvil) should be 50-60cm.

If you use the anvil - take a stump wider, so that the anvil is easily placed. If no anvil - can be narrower, goodlooked with the mini-press.

Decorate for your client. Universal standard - chains and decorative handles.